9 Lateral Head Tricep Exercises For Max Gains

When aiming for a well-rounded triceps, it’s essential to target the lateral head, also known as the outer triceps.

These exercises can help you achieve maximum gains in this area, enhancing the overall appearance of your arms:

Tricep Pushdown: Utilizing a cable machine, this exercise involves pushing the cable downward to extend your triceps. It’s a fundamental movement for targeting the lateral head.

Skull Crushers: This exercise involves lowering a barbell or dumbbell towards your forehead while keeping your upper arms stationary. It intensely engages the lateral triceps head.

Close-Grip Bench Press: Similar to a traditional bench press, but with a narrower grip, this exercise places more emphasis on the triceps, particularly the lateral head.

Dips: Performed on parallel bars or with assistance from a dip machine, dips challenge the lateral triceps and are excellent for overall tricep development.

Overhead Tricep Extension: Using a dumbbell or barbell, extend your arms overhead. This exercise effectively targets the lateral triceps head.

Tricep Kickbacks: Performed with dumbbells, tricep kickbacks isolate the triceps and emphasize the lateral head when done with proper form.

Diamond Push-Ups: A variation of the standard push-up, diamond push-ups involve placing your hands close together, putting extra stress on the lateral triceps.

Tricep Rope Extensions: Performed on a cable machine with a rope attachment, this exercise provides a great pump to the lateral triceps when you extend your arms downward.

Close-Grip Push-Ups: By bringing your hands closer together during push-ups, you increase the workload on the lateral triceps. This bodyweight exercise can be highly effective.

Incorporating these exercises into your tricep workout routine can help you achieve maximum gains in the lateral head, contributing to a balanced and well-defined set of triceps.

Remember to use proper form and progressively increase the resistance to continually challenge your muscles and promote growth.


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